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Advantages And Features Of Rolling Mill Cold Rolling Technology

Rolling mill is the cold rolling at room temperature, after cold-drawn, cold-rolled, cold drawn and other cold-worked steel or steel into various types of steel. Advantages are fast forming speed, high output value, without damaging the coating, can be made into a variety of cross-sectional forms to meet the needs of the conditions; cold rolling of the rolling mill can make a great plastic deformation of steel, thereby increasing the The yield point of steel. Cold rolled rolling defects First, although the molding process did not undergo thermal plastic shrinkage, but there are still residual stress in the cross section, the overall characteristics of steel and local curvature will inevitably have an impact.

Second, the cold-rolled steel style is usually open cross-section, making the cross-section of the lower freedom to change the stiffness. Be prone to change in the bending, bending prone to bending flexure, compression, torsion function is poor. Third, cold-formed steel wall thickness is small, in the corner of the plate joints and no thickening, to withstand the localized capacity of the concentrated load is weak.